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Do you use licensed photos, fonts and more?

Yes. All photos, fonts and/or glyphs have been properly acquired from various stock sites.

Are the images in my cover exclusive to me after purchase?

From me they are, but they are not exclusive from the copyright holder. They were acquired from stock sites so you may see your models or images on other covers designed by others. I have no control over this. Designers pull pics from the same stock pools. Some images are so striking on their own, but I try alter or crop them from their raw state to make them different enough or use composites when possible so that you will not end up with a cover that's near-identical to someone else's.

Will the cover I purchase be sold again and again?

No. It is yours and yours alone. Any images I used in a composite are also only used on your cover, unless it's in the same series. I also pay for additional licenses for each cover in a series that I use anything on, like a texture overlay for instance, because there is a 500,000 sale limit, after which, an Extended License is required. Your cover will be removed from my site, and it will be noted in my database as your cover. I can use images from your cover on other projects for you since you are the same client. Like, let's say, you wanted a page banner or bookmark later on to match your book, I can create them for you, no problem. But they will never be used with or for other clients.

What's your turnaround time?

About 96 hours but most likely less. If I have to create more options for you to choose from because your genre is far different than the one I chose and changes are required, it may take longer, but usually, it's  96 hours or less.

Can I get the images and fonts from you?

No, sorry. I hold the licenses and can't send the raw images or fonts to you to use freely as you wish. And regarding fonts, there are some like Desire Pro that I spent $100 to acquire, and many in the $50-$70 range like Qaskin, so there's no way I'm packing up a free suitcase of fonts to give to someone who didn't actually purchase a license from the creator, when I had to wait and save up to get the fonts I really wanted. The images and fonts are licensed to me, not my clients. I have sold word-free composites, and I can do that.

Can I get the live PSD file?

No. Again, I can't give you the images or fonts used in your cover because the license terms don't allow for that. I am the license holder.  I also might not want someone to see the techniques, layers, or brushes I used and duplicate my style without paying for it. Besides, I design and layout covers  or composites in several programs besides Photoshop, including Illustrator, CorelDraw, CorelPhoto, Smart Photo Editor,  and Gimp, so I can't offer a file to some people and not others. You are paying me for my skill to have the images ready for publication in an aesthetically pleasing way, not for the live file, or even the premade book cover itself since it will be modified to your specs and genre. I often change up the fonts or word placement from what I used in a sample cover to improve readability in stores or to better fit your genre. But I am happy to make any requested changes for you when you need them. My cost is $20 per hour.


Can I buy a cover for a work-in-progress and let you know my title at a later date?

Yes. That cover is yours and I will finish it whenever you are ready to publish.

Do you have any genre restrictions?

Sort of. On Erotica. Only the books listed on my Erotica page can be used for that genre. Do not select a cover (covers) from any other category. Steamy covers that are on my Romance page can be used for Erotic Romance but not Erotica. Some of my photo sources are particular about usage.

Do you charge extra for minor changes?

No, within moderation. Fonts, colors and placement can and may change if needed for your cover to look its best, and there's no charge for this, but there's a limit at 2x back and forth. I will work with you until you are satisfied, but I can't keep going around and around with changes with no additional payment for my time spent perfecting your pre-made cover. After two times, if you still need changes, a fee of $15 per change will be requested. Additional photo manipulation will need to be discussed.

I don't see anything in your pre-made catalog but I like your style. Can I get a custom cover?

Absolutely, yes. I offer custom eBook covers starting at  $120. I am familiar with Createspace and Lightning Source/Ingram Spark specs, so I have no problem creating a cover for either printer/distributor.

Can I get my eBook cover as a paperback cover too?

Definitely. It's a $50 add-on, per cover.

If I have a series, can I add additional covers to go with my pre-made cover?


Generally, yes, but it will have to be discussed. If there's a limit on photos available of a particular model for instance, then there's not much I can do. Because the pre-made cover I designed, once it's finalized for you, will basically become branding for your other covers, any additional eBook covers in a series are only $75-$100 instead of my regular $125+ fee for custom covers, unless each cover requires digital painting or photo manipulation or it's historical where I have to buy images from Period Stock, RNC or Hot Damn Stock. Additional fees will apply if paperback wraps are involved, as they are more time-consuming and might require back cover art.

What will I get when the cover is finalized?

When the project is completed and you are satisfied, I will email you a png and a jpeg sized 1800 x 2730 pixels,

6 x 9, at 300 dpi.  It's better to have higher resolution and downsize from there, which you can do yourself in a free program like Irfanview. Scaling up the resolution in your photo program will only produce a fuzzy and a technically smaller image. Some designers go skinnier or wider, but I design eBook covers to look as much like a typical paperback front cover as possible.  I like the eBook cover to match the paperback. The only exception in appearance would be when the title bleeds to the edges in my design. Printers require a little space so nothing important gets trimmed off, so that would have to be tweaked.

Can I get a refund?

I do not offer refunds.

I have an anthology. Can I get a 3D cover?

Yes, I offer those in singles or for anthologies. Just to note: you can't use a 3D cover in the Smashwords Premium Catalog or on iTunes, but yes, you can certainly get one for $50.

I like the models in a cover but not the background because my story is not set in space/on a ranch/in the Highlands/on a pirate ship. Can I get a cover with just the people on it?

Perhaps. Some covers can be stripped down. I have tweaked several pre-mades into custom covers per a customer's needs. If there's a question about a specific cover, please send me an email and I can better answer you about the cover in question.

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