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Hi! Welcome to Exquisitely Covered Books!


I offer pre-made book covers, custom covers, and specialized paperback interiors that are unique to your book.

I also design Facebook timeline covers, ads, forms, banners, media kits, and more. Check out my price list.

I worked for an ad agency for four years as a graphic designer and copywriter, but now,

I freelance from home while taking care of my kids and writing novels.

My current clients are small publishers, indie authors, and musicians, but I can be commissioned by anyone.


The pre-made covers on this gallery site were designed and/or composited with licensed photos from various stock sites

and are only optioned once. These book cover designs are customizable mockups and are not necessarily sold as-is.

All covers were designed according to the title and genre I chose to give an idea of what your cover could look like,

so fonts and their placement may change based on your title, author name, or genre, to give your cover its best aesthetic look.

If such rearrangement and detailing is necessary, you will be given a couple cover options and will not be charged.

Other minor changes you may need like font color or font style are also FREE with no more than 2x back and forth.


Pre-mades start at $60, but I offer a bulk-buy discount.

Covers that are more than $60 are indicated with a higher price. They contain more than three pics

in the composite, digital painting, time-consuming photo manipulation or higher priced images.

Covers in a series can only be sold as sets, sorry.


Please poke around and thanks for visiting!

Don't forget to look in my series section, which is mixed-genre.